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Exhibit / Collection  Menu *Terms of Office /  Sheriff Name in this color -  signify the Sheriffs  who lived in the 3rd (1897) Clark Co Jail with their families and oversaw Jail operations. SHERIFFS OF CLARK COUNTY In 1853, when Clark County first became a county, the duties of a “Sheriff” were  handled by the Constable of Pine Valley Township.  The first Clark County, WI Sheriff  was elected in 1858.  At first the Sheriff’s term of office was One-year, then it became a  Two-year term, and finally in 2003, it became a Four-year term. When the 1897 Clark County Jail was built, the Sheriff and his family lived in the  attached residence.  While the Sheriff was readily available to perform his official duties,  the Sheriff’s wife was responsible for cooking meals for the prisoners.  These circumstances  continued until January, 1975, when the residence area was then used as office space by the  Clark County Law Enforcement Department.  The Jail cells were in use until mid – 1978.  Term Sheriff’s Name Term Sheriff’s Name 1859—1860 	Daniel Gates 	1915—1916 	Louis Hantke 1861 (Died) 	Miles H. Murray 	1917—1918 	Harry Hewett 1861—1862 	George W. King 	1919—1920 	Morris M. Weaver 1863 – 1864 	James Hewett 	1921—1922 	Edward F. Kutchera 1865—1866 	Hiram Palmer 	1923—1924 	Louis Hantke 1867 – 1868 	William B. Berry 	1925—1926 	Edward F. Kutchera 1869—1870 	Wilson S. Covill 	1927—1928 	Herman J. Olson 1871-1872 	Freeman D. Lindsay 	1929—1932 	William F. Bradford 1873-1874 	Albert Brown 	1933—1934 	Herman J. Olson 1875—1876 	Jacob Rossman 	1935—1936 	Halford Richardson 1877—1878 	Thomas B. Philpott 	1937—1938 	Mats Madsen 1879—1880 	James Houston 	1939—1942 	Herman J. Olson 1881—1882 	Thomas B. Philpott 	1943—1944 	Raymond E. Kutsche 1883—1884 	Henry Myers 	1945—1946 	Herman J. Olson 1885-1886 	Joshua W. Tolford 	1947—1950 	Raymond E. Kutsche 1887—1888 	John Dwyer 	1951—1954 	Frank Dobes 1889—1890 	James W. Page 	1955—1958 	Raymond E. Kutsche 1891—1892 	Robert M. Campbell 	1959—1960 	Frank Dobes 1893—1894 	James W. Page 	1961—1964 	Raymond E. Kutsche 1895—1896 	Charles H. Sheldon 	1965—1978 	David Bertz 1897—1898 	James W. Page 	1979— mid 1980 	Harlan Sundermeyer 1899—1900 	William S. Tufts 	1980 (Interim) 	Dan Patey 1901—1902 	Robert M. Campbell 	11/1980—1986 	David Bertz 1903—1904 	George R. Brooks 	1987—1992 	Dallas Neville 1905—1906 	John Dwyer 	1993—1996 	Dale Olson 1907—1908 	Soloman F. Jaseph 	1997—2009 	Louis Rosandich 1909—1910 	Robert Eunson 	2010—2018 	Greg Herrick 1911—1912 	William F. Bradford 	2019—Present 	Scott Haines 1913—1914 	Harry Hewett
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