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Contact the 1897 CCJM to arrange purchase of any of these Gift Shop Items, or stop by the Museum during the summer tour season on Sundays!   (Postage / Shipping costs are extra) Photographs - 4 x 6 in - choose from a selection of over 20 differnent  vintage/ historic Clark County views. $ 0.50 per photo or 3 for $ 1.00.
215 E 5th St    PO Box 41   Neillsville WI  54456    Ph:  715-743-2150   1897 Clark County Jail Museum Inc.
Images of America - Clark County   is now available for $21.99 at or or from the 1897 CCJM  for $ 21.99  plus Postage and Shipping. 1897 CCJM   Postcard Series  Click here to view postcards available Books From local author Kay Scholze:  •	The Krueger Wars  •	Sherwood Memories Other Books available:  •	Granton History   •	Stories of Clark County WI Collected in the Bicentennial Year   •	Clark County - The Book of Years Limited Supply of “All Mine to Give” DVDs $12.00 ea. and “Clark County 1897 Jail Museum” DVDs or VHS tapes $10.00 ea. 1897CCJM
Masks are Required to be worn by all Visitors to the Jail Museum due to current COVID-19 conditions. Number of persons allowed into the Museum for Tours and / or sections of the Museum open for Tours will be determined so that required SOCIAL DISTANCING standards can be followed. Board of Directors 6/2/2020